Monkey Business in Gibraltar

We were in Gibraltar and took a great, if  long, walking tour on top of the ‘Rock.’  Part of the scenery are the Barbary Macaques, wild monkeys that roam the place.  Betty made a friend while we were there.  (When we get home and I have a chance to work on my photos, we’ll make a post for each place we visited.)


10 Comments on “Monkey Business in Gibraltar

  1. Hope he was nice to his new friend! Did you give him a banana? I understand they peel them differently than we usually do! How is Margie?


  2. He was quiet which is nice in monkey world. You don’t carry any food as they will jump on you to get it. Margie is doing fine.


  3. O happy times. Fun to see you all seeing! Betty is beautiful. So is ocean. Hope monkey has good personality! Hugs.


  4. At first I thought he was sitting on your shoulder. You were brave. Glad you are having a good time. We head out tomorrow.


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