Roman Coliseum

Sunday morning we took a tour of the Roman Coliseum which is pretty incredible.  As with most of the popular sites, there were thousands of people, but we were able to book a tour that got us in a special entrance so we didn’t have to wait in line as many people and groups did.  We entered the Coliseum through the gladiator gate, where the gladiators entered to do their battles.  It’s also the gate where the loser goes out.  At the end of our tour we went out of the Coliseum through the winner’s gate.  Then we toured the Roman Forum which is a pretty amazing area.  It was a great tour, even if pretty hot in the sun.  We had lunch at a sidewalk cafe and we all order pizza.  We rested in the afternoon and ended our evening with a delicious gelato.  I had a cup with pistachio, hazelnut and milk chocolate flavors.  A good day.


5 Comments on “Roman Coliseum

  1. Amazing place and it looks like good weather. Back in the 60’s there were no lines and you cou!d take a bag lunch and sit in the sun!


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