A New Friend

We’re home, doing a lot of laundry and trying to get our bodies adjusted from Italian time to New Mexico time.  I’m still working on processing our photos from our trip and I hope to have them done by this weekend.  After that I’ll do a series of posts for each of our days on our cruise and time in Rome.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to our new friend.  This is Agung who was our stateroom attendant.  He was responsible for cleaning our room and keeping our ice bucket filled and he did both very well.  We spent some time to get to know him.  He’s from the Island of Bali in Indonesia and married with two kids.  He even taught us how to say ‘good morning’ in his native language – “Salamet paggi,” and ‘good evening’ – “Salamet mulam.”  We started to greet him this way every day and he seemed to appreciate our efforts to get to know him as a person.  When we said goodbye to him on our last day, he said, with a tear in his eye, “I think of you as my grandparents.”  That was special to  us.


2 Comments on “A New Friend

  1. How we treat and respect and involve ourselves with others really does make a difference. You guys are good at that! Looking forward to sharing your adventure.


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