We left Nice and Ese, France and headed to Barcelona, Spain.  Barcelona is experiencing some political stress as the Province of Catalonia wants to secede from Spain.  We were there two days and saw a lot of Catalonian flags from balconies in the city.  On the first day Betty and I walked the La Rambla, a pedestrian street full of restaurants, vendors and living statues.  We also bought a watercolor painting from an Armenian artist living in Barcelona.  The next day, Margie, Betty and I visited the Basilica La Familia in the morning.  It was designed by an architect named Gaudi in the late 1800s and is still being built.  He wanted the Basilica to be different from any other church and it is.  The front is a traditional representation of the birth of Christ.  The rear is a more ‘modern’ representation of the death of Christ.  The interior is meant to be only light and color.  In the afternoon we went to the Park Guell which was also designed by Gaudi.  It too is not bound by traditional design.  It is a collection of imaginative structures using brightly colored tile pieces.  If you want to see more of our Barcelona pictures go to:


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  1. The Bascilica always looks like it is from another parallel universe. I have read about it over the years, your photos of the interior really capture the light and color.

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