Arrival to Rome

We left our ship, Reflection, about 8:15 AM on Friday, May 18.  Margie arranged for a driver to pick us up and give us a tour of the city before we checked into our hotel, The Empire Palace.  Our driver’s name was Stephano and he was great.  In fact, our tour was supposed to end about 3:00 PM but didn’t end until after 5:00 PM because he was having such a good time with us.  Rome is a city with tons and tons of history.  Everywhere you look you see evidence of past civilizations.  We walked the Appian Way. We drove under Roman Aqueducts.  We visited several  plazas. We saw an Egyptian pyramid tomb of a prominent Roman citizen. And, most impressive, we saw Michelangelo’s Moses (who does look like Charlton Heston).  A good day.  If you want to see all our arrival to Rome photos go to:

_DAN5405Rome On1IMG_9155_DAN5376_DAN5479_DAN5503_DAN5513_DAN5602_DAN5633_DAN5642_DAN5663

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