Coliseum & Roman Forum

Our last day (and last post) of our trip was a tour of the Coliseum and Roman Forum.  The coliseum was where the emperors gave the people of Rome the distraction of gladiators fighting each other and fighting wild beasts (lions, tigers, panthers).  Later, it was the scene of Christian persecution and executions.  It was a spectacular edifice with numbered gates to tell people where to enter – Roman numerals of course.  There was a maze of rooms and passages underneath the floor and that’s where the gladiators prepared and the wild animals were kept.  We had a special tour that skipped the long lines and we actually entered the same gate that the gladiators used to enter the arena.

After the coliseum, we toured the Roman Forum which was a much larger area than I realized.  It was here where the triumphal arches were built; where the emperors, generals and armies entered after their victories.  It was here where elections for the senate and municipal offices were held.  It was here where celebrations were held for the various gods (Divos) and goddesses (Divas) were held.

Again, there were thousands of people, but it was a great way to finish up our Mediterranean cruise and tour of Rome.  We finished our day with a pizza lunch.

If you want to see all of our Coliseum and Forum pictures go to:


The Coliseum


Gate LII (52)


Entering Through The Gladiators’ Gate


The Infrastructure Under The Coliseum Floor


The Lower Rooms & Passages


Memorial To Persecuted Christians


Roman Forum


Triumphal Arch


Divo (God) and Diva (Goddess)


Temple of Vesta – Where Vestal Virgins Served


Pizza Lunch – Tired But Happy

One Comment on “Coliseum & Roman Forum

  1. Neither place will you soon forget. Lions and tigers and bears… Great picture of a tired Betty. I think the locks are friendship locks. They are common on the bridges in Paris and even the purple bridge in Cincinnati.

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