Never So True


The quote with the ‘cartoon’ above was Winston Churchill praising the courage, honor and sacrifice of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain.  The British pilots held off the superior German Luftwaffe and effectively ended Hitler’s plans to invade England.

Living in the Southwest we see and know of wild fires several times each summer.  However, the current fires in California seem to be as bad as any we have seen or heard of in our 14+ years.

Those fire men and women are showing the same courage, honor and sacrifice as the World War II British pilots so the quote is very appropriate for what we owe them.

God bless and watch over them.  We owe them so much.

6 thoughts on “Never So True”

  1. O thank you for the quote and reminder. Being in MA. With the kids is great, and Margie and Nita seem to be amazing as ever, though Nita is of course challenged by the move back to her place. She did seem more settled the day we left in spite of chaos around her though. Felt awful to leav those 3 in midst of it all. We got to have dinner with just our Galen and 2 wade girls last night and hear all their latest news…fun. Got to see miles and Rachel and ri a d g sat before R left with her group to go to her sisters …… They are having floors refinished so needed to leave.

    Know that you all had a grand visit, in spite of all crises and so appreciate you. How is the lil Xavier family! Love you….n and b

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    1. Glad you had a good time with Galen. It was an interesting visit for us and Betty did all the hard work. She stayed with Margie while she was in the hospital while I went to Bowling Green to visit my sister Jane. Jerre Ann was the real hero when it came to Nita and all that happened over the last month or so. Chris and Javier and his family are doing well. We had a good visit with them. Javier and Destini are working hard to be good parents. We’re proud of them. You and Bill stay safe and well.


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