Albuquerque Isotopes During Monsoon Season

We went to watch an Albuquerque Isotopes game last night.  They’re the Triple A team for the Colorado Rockies.  Unfortunately, it’s monsoon season in New Mexico so we have afternoon/evening rain fairly often.  They covered the field before the game was supposed to start at 6:35 PM and it did start raining and blowing about 7:00 PM.  The game finally started about 8:30 PM, but we were already home by then.

I did have a foot-long hotdog with sauerkraut, green chiles and onions which was great.  The ball game is the only place Betty lets me eat sauerkraut as she can’t smell it there in the open.  She had a slice of pepperoni pizza.  So, the evening wasn’t a total loss.


3 Comments on “Albuquerque Isotopes During Monsoon Season

  1. Sorry you got rained out..but the hot dog sounds great. Next time we see each other we’ll sneak out and do dogs with sauerkraut and maybe some chilies and onions!

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