Happy Birthday to Me

Today I catch up with Betty.  She is three months older than I am.  I was born on a Wednesday about 11 in the morning and the year was 1945.  Exactly one month before I was born the first atomic bomb was tested at Trinity Site which is just two hours South of where we live now.  The US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan a little over a week before I was born.  Tens of thousands were killed but as bad as that was, it saved several million lives, both US and Japanese lives, because the Japanese were making preparations to continue fighting on their homeland no matter the cost.  The war officially ended about 3 weeks later on September 2.  I’m sure my parents had plenty of reasons to celebrate… a new baby boy and the war coming to an end.

For the past 51 years of marriage and 6 years of dating before that I have celebrated 57 of my 73 birthdays with the love of my life, Betty of course.  During that time we have been blessed by celebrating the births of two of the finest sons a man could ever wish for – Wade Daniel and Chris. So, we celebrate one more birthday together.  I am a blessed man.


7 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy birthday Dan!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!  Love you both!

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  2. Happy Birthday. As witness to those years, I can vouch for you. I’m glad that you could all be together. You’re a good man. I don’t care what they say.


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