Riders of the Purple Sage

Zane Grey published his novel, “Riders of the Purple Sage” in 1912, the year New Mexico became a state.  I never read it, but Purple Sage blooms in late summer and early fall so, hopefully his story takes place during that time of year.  We call it the purple time of year.  This picture of a Purple Sage was taken on a morning walk with Jessie and, as you can see, the bumblebees are stocking up for winter.

IMG_0277_output (1) copy-0-1

3 thoughts on “Riders of the Purple Sage”

  1. Love it…please pray for Sheri and Sara again, and all our bunch as 2 of girls go off to college and Olivia is on detox and antibiotics to get over Lyme. Charlotte is excited to go to Cambridge to Lesley university in education. She is taking her hamster and medications with her though. David and Carlye are nearby, too…still the granny worries. Clarra is going to vet tech school, and maybe vet, but leaving very cute and nice boyfriend behind. Miles is great and Rhiana, Galen and Rachel all seem better. And g says they are. Had a wonderful two and half visit there after so sweet time with Nita and Margie and jerre ann. Praying for those , too. Whew… Feel anxiety getting in the way of trust. Duh. Maybe just prayers for all us grands. You all are owing a great job and I love seeing Wade’ s posts. Darling family. Chris sounds to be doing wonderfully also. We have great families. I am so. Glad you all had grand visits also with Kentucky clan. Love you all.

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