Balloon Breakfast at the Museum

Warning:  Long post with lots of pictures.

Friday morning, Betty and I went to have an early (5:30 AM) breakfast the the Balloon Museum which is on the South end of the balloon field.  After breakfast we watched the mass ascension from the museum upper balcony.  As you will see, they came our way and several landed right in front of us.  A good morning.

Ascension (13)
Our museum breakfast… Betty is at the table in the center back
Ascension (14)
Dawn Patrol
Dawn Patrol (2)
Dawn Patrol balloon that came over us
Dawn Patrol (3)
Another Dawn Patrol balloon
Ascension (15)
The “Wicked” balloon that went up in the Dawn Patrol
Ascension (1)
Take off
Ascension (2)
On the way
Ascension (4)
Special shape balloons starting to fly
Ascension (16)
Sunrise take off
Ascension (12)
The Crane balloon carrying a baby is a friend of our’s who is a gynocologist
Ascension (7)
One balloon starting to land on the museum grounds
Ascension (3)
Carousel balloon
Ascension (5)
Emoji balloon
Ascension (6)
Morning glory
Ascension (8)
The Bees
Christ (1)
Christ banishing Darth Vader and Yoda
Ascension (10)
Wes the Wolf landing
Ascension (11)
Yoda landing
Christ (2)
Christ landing


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