This past week we celebrated Veterans Day and we recall what a sacrifice the military and their families made and make for us to live in this great country.

I’m a big fan of all rodeo, especially the bull riders.  I love rodeo and bull riding because it’s a uniquely American sport that pits young cowboys against great bull athletes.  It takes great courage to sit down on a 2,000 pound animal that wants nothing more than to get you off their back.

Yet, the people I admire the most are the bullfighters.

Their job is to protect the cowboys when they come off the bulls.  Often the cowboys are in very vulnerable positions and the bulls, doing what comes naturally, want to go after someone… their first instinct is to target the cowboy who was on their back.

The bullfighters willingly become that target to take the bull’s focus off the vulnerable rider and bring that focus onto them… laying their lives down and risking their lives for another.  That is courage and sacrifice beyond most of our understanding.


Jesus Christ is the bullfighter that has saved my life.  My sin made me vulnerable to its effects and the ultimate wages of my sin would have been spiritual and eternal death – eternal separation from God.

Jesus put his body on the cross in my place and took the blows of my sin so that I might live and have an eternal relationship with my loving God.

No greater sacrifice.

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