My Sons, My Father, My Navy Brothers, My Brothers-in-Law

Normally, I try to stay away from political or controversial issues in this blog. I would rather try to entertain with a joke, share our life, see how God is moving, etc.

However, there’s one recent topic that I have to take a stand on — the idea of ‘toxic masculinity.’ There are some men who are toxic, but the implication is there is something wrong with all men who want to be strong protectors of all that they respect and love.

I was raised by a good man who survived the depression. He treated all people, especially my mother with love and respect. My grandfathers were both hard working men. My paternal grandfather was a farmer who got up at 4:00 AM each day to put in two to three hours of work before breakfast, then a full day after.

My Navy brothers sacrificed their time away from home and family to serve the country they loved. They stood watch on the front lines of service, often with little sleep. And this was long before email, satellites, etc. We went weeks without any contact from our loved ones.

My sons are both honest, strong, hard working Christian men who love their families and would do anything to protect them.

My brothers-in-law are both honorable men who love and protect their families.

Are men perfect? Of course not. Neither are women. We are all fallen sinners in need of a Savior. However, most of us, men and women, are trying to do our best to be good citizens, good people.

We need strong men who are willing to stand for, and if necessary, fight for what is right.

I am sick and tired of broad brush accusations such as toxic masculinity. Each person should be judged on their behavior and character and not their gender.

Now, time to step down from my soap box.

4 Comments on “My Sons, My Father, My Navy Brothers, My Brothers-in-Law

  1. I wish the ad you are probably referring to spoke of abusive, bullying, and predatory men(and even women) instead of the all inclusive “broad brush” you described. Thanks..

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    • The ad was a minor thing and, in my opinion a ,stupid decision by Gillette (which is owned by P&G). My bigger concern is the way the boys from Covington Catholic were treated.


      • The Covington Catholic story is obviously front page here. More and more layers keep coming to the surface. The rush to judgement was sadly typical of social media events.

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