Here’s a current story of a man who for 75 years has devoted his time to making sure heroes from his youth are not forgotten.

Tony Foulds was just eight years old on February 22nd, 1944. He and a few other boys had just met on the grassy area of Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, England when a B-17 bomber came bearing right at them. It was so close that they could see the pilot waving his arms in wide arcs. Stunned, the young boys waved back, interpreting the pilot’s wave as a greeting.

It wasn’t. The badly damaged B-17 was desperately trying to land. Realizing the boys did not understand the gesture, the pilot attempted to pull up. The Flying Fortress, named “Mi Amigo,” missed the boys. But it wasn’t a happy ending. The plane crashed into the trees beyond the park and all ten of its crew members perished in the explosion.

Crew of the “Mi Amigo”

In early January 2019, Dan Walker of BBC Breakfast happened upon Tony Foulds who, in the nearly 75 years since the incident, has cared for the crew’s memorial with unwavering devotion.

Tony Foulds at the Memorial he has tended to for 75 years

Tony shared that his greatest wish would be to have a fly by on February 22, 2019 which would be the 75th anniversary of the crash and deaths of the valiant crew. He wanted something to honor the heroes that had not only fought for his country but gave up their lives to save his life and the lives of his friends.

Dan Walker took it upon himself to see what he could do. The video below is the moment that Tony hears that his wish is going to be granted.

BBC Breakfast with Tony Foulds

On February 22nd, 2019, the U.S Air Force stationed at the RAF base in Lakenheath will carry out the fly by that Tony has dreamed of.  The fly by will include an F-15 fighter jet, Ospreys, Typhoons, and a Dakota.

An English man devoted his life to honor the American men who gave their lives for him and his country.

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