Prelude to Valentine’s Day

One of our favorite restaurants, Farm and Table, had a special, fixed menu last night, Monday. They called it Prelude to Valentine’s Day. Betty and I took advantage of it.

Here’s the menu:

Course 1: Salmon Tartare with meyer lemon and caper berry

Course 2: Roasted Beet Salad with chive, goat cheese, fig, micro greens, pistachio and saba

Course 3: Butter Poached Shrimp Risotto with basil, pine nut, asparagus, pecorino romano and celery root.

Course 4: Filet Mignon with bearnaise compound butter, russets, mushroom and chard

Course 5: Desert – Red Velvet Indulgence with cacao, caramel, mascarpone, rosewater, pecan and fleur de sel

The first four courses came with individual wine parings. Fortunately, they were small amounts so we didn’t over-indulge.

It was a fun night and a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if early.

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