A Good and Varied Day

Our good friends, Bob and Molly, are visiting with us from Ohio. This morning when I got up Bob said, “Come look at the UFO cloud over your mountain.” Sure enough, there it was.

After a delicious brunch at Nate & Hannah’s Restaurant in Corrales, Bob and I took a road trip along with our Golden Retriever Jessie. Bob wanted to go to the top of the Sandia Mountain at Sandia Crest, 10,678 feet above sea level. We drove around the city and up the road to the crest.

There was still a significant amount of snow and a few places where we had to walk through 2 – 3 feet of snow to get to the lookout. Jessie loved the snow.

The wet walk was worth it for the views, even though the wind was cold.

While we were at the crest we met an interesting man named Phil. He was in the Navy a few years before me. He was an A-4 Pilot on the USS CORAL SEA during the early Vietnam days.

After his time in the Navy he became a commerical pilot originally for Pan-Am and then for Delta Airlines. He was an interesting man to talk with.

After that we drove North along the Tourquoise Trail stopping at Golden and Cerillos.

It was a good and varied day. And Jessie had a good time.

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