A Little More Thursday on Maui

On our walk back from Ironwood Beach to our condo, we encountered a Grey Francolin female…

…and her chicks…

Thursday night we took Chris to the Old Lahaina Luau. It was our fourth time and we still enjoy it.

It’s entertaining, but what we really like is it’s a history of Hawaii through the dance of the hula and how it changed through the years… starting with the style the early Polynesian settlers danced…

As the early Hawaiians developed their own traditions and legends, they danced a hula in praise of the Volcano Goddess, Pele…

During the Christian missionary period, the hula was banned, but it was still practiced and preserved in private. In the late 1800’s it became legal to dance the hula again in public, but the dress became more modern…

It was a good night…

5 Comments on “A Little More Thursday on Maui

    • I looked it up. My question is why is it called a “Grey” Francolin? But that’s the same brown color in the bird guides.


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