Awesome Day of Snorkeling

We took Chris to Kapalua Bay for his first snorkeling experience. The water is reasonably calm and, if there has not been any rain, it’s pretty clear. Plus, you don’t have to swim very far to start seeing fish. It’s a good place to literally ‘get your feet wet.’

Chris not only saw a lot of fish, he also saw a sea turtle. Beginner’s luck I guess, but it was great. We all watched the turtle for a good while…

Betty decided to go in so I went to look for Chris to tell him we were going to call it quits. I didn’t find him because he also was on his way back to the beach. As I was looking for him, I found two more sea turtles swimming together…

The lighter colored turtle had several small fish grooming his or her back, neck and head…

After watching them for a good while, the darker turtle decided to go rest under a coral…

After that, I decided to call it quits and I headed for the beach to join Chris and Betty. It was a great day of snorkeling for all of us.

5 Comments on “Awesome Day of Snorkeling

  1. Fantastic! Those are also some of the best underwater pictures you’ve taken. Was it the GoPro?


    • Yes. I set the resolution up to 2.7K and shot video. Then I grabbed some frame stills using Davinci Resolve. The higher resolution made for better still frames.


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