Sunday in Lahaina

After a slow morning we decided to go to Lahaina, the main town on Maui, to eat lunch and do a little shopping. We were blessed to get a street parking place right at the Banyan Tree Courtyard. The Banyan Tree Chris and Betty are standing under was planted in the mid-1800’s. Banyan Trees put down roots from their limbs and other parts of the tree grow up from those roots.

What you see is all one tree… and here’s a more complete view of this one tree. Chris and Betty are standing together at the right of the picture…

Back in the early 1800’s whaling ships made port in Lahaina. After a long time at sea, whaling sailors would take their pay and spend most of it on drink, get drunk and cause a lot of problems. In 1827, the local authorities built a jail below ground at the edge of the Banyan Tree Courtyard to house these rowdy drunks and it’s now an art gallery.

Several years later, a court house was built on the ground above the jail. This is a view of Lahaina harbor where the whaling ships once anchored.

We ate lunch at the Pioneer Inn across the street from the Banyan Tree. It was built in the late 1800s and one of the neat facts we learned is the movie, “The Devil at Four O’Clock” was filmed there. That was the movie Betty and I saw on our first date on November 11, 1961.

After lunch we did some shopping along Front Street and had a shave ice from Local Boys shave ice shop. Hawaiian shave ice is shaved ice put on top of your choice of ice cream. We all had Macadamia Nut ice cream with our ice. We all had three different flavors to put on the ice. I had watermelon, pina colada and papaya. It’s the best.

A good day…

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