Last Day on Maui

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we head to the Big Island so today is our last day on Maui.

Betty and I went for a walk on Ironwood Beach this morning and I’ll keep working on my selfies…

As we walked back to our condo, we passed a Zebra Dove that was not bothered at all by us being so close…

Then we all drove over to the South side of Maui to a unique Maui place… Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. They are known for their sandwiches with all homemade items and wonderful little single pies. Chris and I each got a chocolate pie with macadamia nuts and Betty got her favorite, key lime.

We made a quick stop at the fruit stand next to Leoda’s and Chris bought some honey and snacks to take home with him.

It has been a great week on Maui and we look forward to our week on the Big Island.

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