Wednesday – Maui to Big Island

Before we left our condo on Maui, we saw something we’ve never seen before. It rained during the night and there were about 8 of these large snails with these beautiful shells moving through the grass.

We left Maui about 12:45 PM and had a short flight to the Big Island. This is a picture of the mountain/volcano Haleakala. If you look close you can see the observatory at the back of the mountain.

On our way to the resort, we stopped at the Queen’s MarketPlace. We rented some snorkel gear for Chris and then had a great lunch at a place called the Rum Shack.

They make their own rum so we had to try some of their specialty drinks. Betty got something called Hi Punch. She got a glass of rum with two juices she could add to her flavor: lillikoi and pineapple…

Chris and I got their version of the Mai Tai which was different than any other we had…

When we got to Hapuna Beach, we went to the pool to relax and watch the sun set…

A good start and tomorrow the beach and some snorkeling.

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