Big Island Sunday

We decided to go snorkeling before we ate breakfast. The water is calmer and there are fewer people to get in your way. I had a better day with my GoPro and we saw a lot of fish…

We saw turtles again. Chris saw 2, Betty saw 2, and I saw 1. I only got pictures of the one I saw…

These turtles often head for a rock to either hide or sleep. We’re not sure which…

In the evening we took a shuttle over to the next resort, Mauna Kea, to have supper at their Copper Bar…

…and watch the sunset.

Another good day.

4 thoughts on “Big Island Sunday”

    1. An underwater camera is essential for snorkeling if you want video and/or pictures. GoPro was the first significant camera but I think there are others now who compete with it.


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