75 Years Ago Today…

…there were no ‘safe places’ for these young men, most barely out of high school…

1,465 killed, 1,928 missing, and 6,603 wounded in the first 24 hours. Of the young men in the picture above, probably only one or two made it through unscathed.

It has been said that courage is taking the next step forward even when you are scared to death.

They were ‘the tip of the spear’ that led to the defeat of one of history’s greatest evils and we owe them so much. We must never forget what they did for us that day.

3 Comments on “75 Years Ago Today…

  1. I so agree. The stories told by the few remaining soldiers able to travel this year moved more than in years past. Perhaps it has to do with passing of Bob’s parents and the end of that generation. Thank you for always reminding us of their courage. I do appreciate it.

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  2. My dad was in the 14th army..The Liberators. He seldom talked of it, but they arrived a few months after D Day. Their final mission was to free the POWs and then open the concentration camps.
    All who served were heroes but none more than those who first stormed the beaches.

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