No russian collusion here….

…just Russian Sage in bloom…

Ancient legends state that Wormwood (Artemisia genus) plants grew along the path that the diabolical snake took as he exited the Garden of Eden, as a barrier to his return. Throughout the ages since, it has been known as a bitter herb.  In the Old Testament, it figures prominently as the bitter results of sinful ways, and “Bitter as Wormwood” was a commonly stated proverb.

Artemisia Tridentata, known as desert sage, or big sagebrush, is the New World’s Wormwood. Desert sage was greatly valued by the native peoples of North America.  It was used as food, medicine, cordage, housing and shelter from the elements, clothing, fuel and in ceremonies.  They respected the sagebrush ecosystem, and worked within it to supply all of their needs.

It’s an acquired taste, but we love our sage.

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