Suddenly feel very old

Yesterday morning, Friday, we decided to take Jessie to Pet Paradise for the day and evening. She enjoys it and we would be able to get ready for Wade, Marie, Juliet, Leah and Luna who arrive today without her being a distraction.

Jessie has never has been a jumper. When I brought her to the back seat of our Highlander, she put her front paws up on the running board. However, that’s as far as she goes.

So, I lean down and give a boost by holding onto her rear end. Normally, that works fine with no issues.

Yesterday, my lower back screamed, “No way, Jose!” And it spasmed with as much pain as I’ve ever experienced. Betty went with me and we got her into Pet Paradise slowly, but with no issues.

I spent the rest of the day sitting on our small couch with cold packs on my back. Last night, I got up to go the bathroom. My back seized up with such pain that I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t turn around to get back into bed so all I could do was holler for Betty who sleeps very soundly.

I even slipped down to the floor because it hurt so bad. Finally, we remembered the walker Betty used after her horseback riding accident 12 years ago that we still had. She got that and using it, I was able to slowly, very slowly work my way back up to a standing position. Using the walker, I was able to make it to the toilet and then slowly back to bed, but the whole thing was an ordeal.

Today, I’m still confined to the couch as we wait for the kids to arrive. Blessed Betty has had to do everything to get ready for them without my help and with no complaints.

The old saying is true, “Getting older is not for wimps.” But it helps when you have a companion with you.

5 Comments on “Suddenly feel very old

  1. Might have to rest a lot. Awful pain. I had that happen once and it took a good while ….call your chiro or doc. Don t let anyone talk you into surgery. Probably have to keep resting and icing. Flat on floor with knees up on chair for a while helps too. Bet Margie an Betty know what to do. Mine happened at 51 so I was mad about feeling so old so young! Bet marie an daniel will help Betty a lot. Have fun anyway….just take it easy guys. Prayers. And peace to you all.

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  2. I’ve had that. My chiropractor takes care of it with two to three visits. Hope it’s better soon.

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  3. Mine was a disc, but ortho friend said no surgergy. Now my chiro does laser therapy! Helps a lot. Love to all.

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