trip to amish country

On Friday, we drove to Holmes County, Ohio, which is the center of Amish Country. You can always spot the Amish homes as there were no electric lines connected to their houses.

Our first stop was to visit Lehman’s Hardware.

We were there years ago and it really was an Amish hardware store. Nothing was powered and we even saw a Hamilton Beach blender that was powered by a hand crank. Now it has become more of a tourist destination and is no longer a real hardware store.

Notice the sign about the wood carvings. The artist is a Lehman employee and he does his carvings out of single blocks of Butternut wood.

After Lehman’s we drove towards Millersburg to find a place to eat lunch. On our way we passed numerous Amish buggies.

We had a good lunch at the Millersburg hotel that was built in 1847.

When we got back to the Mount Vernon Inn we found out that the town has a gathering on the square called First Friday.

They have lots of food trucks and entertainment including this Bluegrass band.

Around the square was a car show including this 1957 Chevy. I took this picture for Betty because when she was in high school, she got to drive her brother Bill’s ’57 Chevy to school while he was away at college.

They also had a pet parade, mostly dogs, including this Golden Retriever in his lion costume.

Finally, our evening would not be complete at the Mount Vernon Inn without our complimentary glasses of wine.

A very good day.

3 Comments on “trip to amish country

  1. What a busy day. Sad to hear Lehman’s has changed it’s focus. We’ve been there a couple of times.

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  2. Sad to hear Lehman’s is all touristy. Wonder where the Amish get their supplies now? I was delighted though when no one else carried them to find in the Lehman’s catalog the spreaders Bob loves for his peanut butter!

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