day with chris

It’s our last day in Mount Vernon, Ohio and we head home tomorrow, Sunday.

We met Chris, Javier, Destini, Za’Kyrah and Javi at Bob Evans for breakfast. Then we spent the rest of the day with Chris.

While at his place, I took this picture of Chris’ most unusual clock he got while on a business trip to Australia. It spells out the time in words and by the two white dots in the top corners, we know the time is actually, twenty-seven to one. The top bottom corners will light up at twenty-eight and twenty-nine to one. Then it will shift and show that it’s 12:30. Neat, huh?

After visiting throughout the afternoon, Chris took us to Ariel-Foundation Park in Mount Vernon. The park was built on the property that originally was the Mount Vernon Bridge Company that provided iron and steel products. After it closed the property was taken over by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Company. Here’s a picture of PPG in 1969. Notice the tall smokestack in the lower left quadrant of the picture just left and above ‘1969.’

Here’s an aerial view of the Ariel-Foundation Park as it exists today. Besides being a beautiful park, they have concerts there and people even get married in the event center which is one of the old PPG buildings. You can see the same smoke stack in the left hand side of this view of the park as it exists today.

You can now walk up the circular stairs on the smoke stack. I made it a little over half way up before I got tired of climbing the stairs, but it was still a good view.

If you look really close, you can see a small patch of light blue just behind the building on the left. That is a pile of cullets. Here are Betty and Chris by that same pile of cullets.

When PPG was making glass, they made it in large tubes. The long (almost 40 feet) glass tubes were reheated, flattened and then used to make various glass products from Coke bottles to window glass. At the end of that process, some of the liquid glass settles to the bottom where the impurities are and are discarded in chunks about the size of footballs. They are called cullets. The blue-green color comes from copper in the impurities.

Some of the impurities in the cullets create beautiful rainbows in the sun.

The body of water in the 1969 picture above is now a beautiful park setting with red bridges and picnic areas.

Using old concrete and steel remains of the foundry, there are pieces of art all through the park.

A good afternoon at the Ariel-Foundation Park.

After that we went to have dinner at a local, Mount Vernon brewery and it was delicious.

We’ll meet Chris for breakfast tomorrow morning, Sunday, at the Mount Vernon Inn. Then he’s heading off on another business trip to Michigan. He just got home last night from a trip to London and before that he was in Japan for a week. Our son, the world traveler.

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    • Maybe pork cullets? The brewery is named Steins and it’s in downtown Mount Vernon. Bob would like the beer because Chris said the brewmaster loves his hops.


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