chile roasting time

August through October is Chile roasting time in New Mexico. We have a local family, the Wagners, who have farm property in Corrales and other areas in New Mexico. They raise apples, peaches, beans, tomatos, cucumbers, squash, watermelons, honeydew melons, corn and Chile.

Starting in August you can buy a bushel or 40 lb. bag of mild, medium or HOT Chile. We bought a bushel of medium Chile yesterday, Friday, which have a decent amount of heat, but not enough to make you cry like the HOT.

After bringing the plastic bag full of roasted, steaming Chile home, we let it sit over night in our garage to further steam. The roasting and steaming give the Chile a roasted flavor and also make it easier to get the skins off.

So, here’a short video of our Chile coming from roasting at Wagners to our garage and ultimately to our kitchen this morning where Betty and I spent the morning taking the skins off. Then we had quesadillas with brisket and some of our fresh Chile for lunch. They were delicious.

I wish there was some way to add the smell of the roasting Chiles to the video as it’s a great, unique smell.

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