across the years

Our house is located in an area where the Pueblo Indians lived when Coronado came through this area in 1540 looking for the Seven Cities of Gold.

Over the years we have found lots of pottery shards in our back lot, but we never found any tools or points. That has changed over the past two weeks.

Two weeks ago, I found what is called an arrow shaft straightener in our back. It is used by rubbing it along the Cottonwood branch over and over. This removes the bark and smooths the branch out. It also straightens it at the same time.

Yesterday morning, Friday, I was walking Jessie up toward the top of the mesa above our house. On the side of the road, I found a broken point… the lower half that goes into a wooden shaft where it was secured with sinew and blood. Once it dried, the point was secured into the shaft. Given it’s size, it was a spear point. It could have been broken while making it or broken while used either hunting or fighting the Spaniards. There’s no way to know.

No matter what, it’s always fascinating to me that I’m touching something that was last touched 600 or more years ago.

4 Comments on “across the years

  1. Good eye! And the imagination can have fun! I have a whole collection of things I have found while walking or biking…bungee cords, pacifiers, dolls, etc. But no artifacts earlier than the 1990s!

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