Corrales Harvest Festival

The last weekend in September is always the Harvest Festival in our little village of Corrales. Betty and I decided to go on Saturday morning and we parked our car at a friend’s house.

In the short video below, you’ll see us walking along Corrales Road to the festival site. A big attraction is a craft fair that’s held at a park behind the library. After that we walked across the street and eventually went to the Senior Center to see their crafts for sale.

The main mode of transportation is local folks who provide and drive their tractors to cart people from one location to another.

We boarded a tractor and cart to go to the Old Church. This was the main Catholic Church for many years. A new church was built and the Old Church is now an event center. Music events of all kinds are held there because the acoustics are excellent.

Across from the Old Church is an old house whose previous owners remodeled it in the style of an original Hispanic house, including it’s own private chapel.

We ended our day there and it was a good day.

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