Getting Ready

Tomorrow, Friday, is the first day of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. On the first day, a lot of the balloonists inflate and take off from all the schools in the area. Usually there are several dozen that do this.

Starting the next day, Saturday, about 650 balloons will take off each morning from the Balloon Fiesta field. It lasts a full week.

We decided that we would offer our back lot as a potential landing spot this year. It’s the area where we kept the horses and it’s a little over half an acre in size and completely cleared off.

They sent someone to check it out. He was a former balloon pilot and he said it would be a good place. He gave us a white sheet to put down and that would tell the balloon pilots that it’s a potential landing spot.

Being balloons that go where the wind blows, it will be interesting to see if any take advantage. We may get no balloons to land or a few or several or more.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is not good, expecting rain. However, after that the forecast looks good for every day so we’re hopeful. If we get any to land I’ll surely have pictures and/or video.

4 Comments on “Getting Ready

    • Yep. Only the second time in 16 years. We’ll be home every morning and just enjoy the balloons as they hopefully come up our way.


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