Wednesday Balloons

Another good morning, not quite as good as yesterday, but still good.

When the balloons head North they take one of three tracks based on wind flow. On Monday, they took the track slightly to the West of us. Yesterday, Tuesday, they took the track directly over us (the best). And this morning they took the track slightly East of us, although a few balloons came close.

Here are a few pictures from this morning, including Jessie having a good run in the back. The first is when the sun is just coming up over our mountain.

One of the special shape balloons, Humpty-Dumpty, landed just down the street from us.

Finally Jessie having her run.

Last, but not least a very short video. One of the Rainbow Ryders came very close and looked like it was going to land just behind our fence, but the pilot changed his mind. The video ends with a ‘Balloon Solar Eclipse.’

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