National Make a Dog’s Day

Today, Tuesday, October 22, is National Make A Dog’s Day. So, here is our tribute to our furry, four-legged friends… especially our Golden Jessie.

This next one is so true…

Maybe this is more about dog owners than dogs, but still funny…

We’d never do this to Jessie mainly because we’re not this creative…

These last two are for my friend, Bob, who loves squirrels…

Give your dog an extra special hug today.

4 thoughts on “National Make a Dog’s Day”

  1. Love this Dan! FYI – I took the “kids” to Pet Paradise yesterday for a trial run. They all did fine. They will be there from the 7th of Nov and I will pick them up on the 13th – I arrive back sometime around noon pending flights all being on time. My kids will come over and check on Fred daily so she should be fine. I am so looking forward to my Hawaii trip!! If you per chance, take Jessie for a play day during the time Chance is there, maybe you could request that they get to play together? Just a thought!


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