LSU – 42, Clemson – 25

When the game first started, I thought Clemson might be too much for LSU.

Boy, was I wrong.

LSU is one of the most complete teams I’ve seen in a long time and Joe Burrows is clearly one of the best… and clearly deserves the Heisman Trophy award.

They say he should be the first pick in the NFL draft. Since my Cincinnati Bengals were the worst team this year, Joe should be the Bengals quarterback next year.

Go Tigers!

One Comment on “LSU – 42, Clemson – 25

  1. It was similar to the Houston/Kansas City game. Thats why they play the whole 60 minutes. Burrows is from Athens and all are assuming the Bengals will draft him. A little sad because I think Andy Dalton has some years left.

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