Thoughts on Old Age

You know you’re getting old when…

… when you’re on the ground, you have to roll over to get on your knees and hands to get up… it also helps to have a table close.

… when you find out you’re two inches shorter.

… when the hair in your ears grows faster and thicker than the hair on your head.

… when your wife keeps telling you to turn the TV volume down.

… when your eye doctor says, “Don’t worry. It’s just a part of getting older.”

… when the cashier automatically gives you the senior discount.

… when you can remember watching Howdy Doody, Ed Sullivan, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, Tom Terrific, Milton Berle, etc., etc., on your small black and white TV. And, broadcasting went off for the night about 10 PM with the playing of the National Anthem.

… you’re really old if you listened to the Lone Ranger, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers on a Zenith Console Radio on Saturday mornings.

… finally, you’re really old if your families refrigerator was cooled by an ice block that your father got from the local ice house.

Still, the best thing for an old Christian is the knowledge that you’re one day closer to going home to be with Jesus.

6 Comments on “Thoughts on Old Age

  1. Did I let you all know how much I love that honey…put in frig and ate like candy. Also the lovely candle holder. We have enjoyed both, and no words to express how much we appreciate the c. F. Donations. We know they are being used to ease some hurting, aching hearts. And also to encourage those who have to walk this particularly rocky road and need all the comfort the Holy Spirit brings. They are living longer in this sweet oL world and we pray they have the joys of reunion with our Savior in the next.

    Much love, Noel


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  2. And also most of all the prayers for healing. We are back in Ca. After being around our grands who were mostly in some stage of this awful ol cold virus. I am grateful I did not come down with this until the day we got back here, so I could get the rest I need … So spoiled to see some beautiful days here! And I seem to be getting over it already. And my hip and back are much better too. Dryer air? Comforts of home? Must call Margie and see how they are..and will. Olivia got very sick again, so we are waiting to hear from all.


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