Hail Britania!

This past Friday, January 31, 2020, at 4 PM MST, England officially left the European Union.

At one time, in the late 90s, the EU was considered a good idea by many people. Over time, it became a means for a small group of people to maintain bureaucratic control over many different nations.

They built a monument to themselves in their parliament in Brussels that requires a quarter of a billion pounds per year to maintain. The members receive many different perks: chaufeured limousines, luxury apartments, discounts at many different venues, etc., all at EU taxpayers expense.

The worst part of the EU is no one is elected and therefore they are not accountable to any electorate.

Currently, they are considering having their own army, air force and navy, again at taxpayers expense.

England, to their credit, said enough. They recognized that their sovereignty as a nation was being lost, swallowed up by this unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy. And they had the courage to say NO! Their freedom and independence are too valuable to lose.

Well done, our English friends.

I pray we as a nation will stand firm against an increasing and encroaching government within our own shores.

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