Time With God

With the time change occuring last night, this seemed a good time for this post.

I wish I could take credit for the following words, but they come from author Ruth Chou Simons. However, as I get older, the wisdom of these words is more important in my life as time becomes more precious.

Relationship will always be a greater motivator than ritual. Relationship is a long-term investment.

If you’re looking to be more consistent in your Bible time, if you desire for your children to develop a love for God’s Word, remind yourself that the Bible is a love letter and a hearty meal at your Father’s table.

God is already there, waiting for you with arms wide open.

But there’s also the matter of the physical time it takes. When is the right time to be in the Word? Where do we find it? Certainly no formula, timeframe, or exact method will ensure the spiritual nourishment you need.

Spending time meeting with God and studying His Word may seem natural, easy, and enjoyable for “godly people,” but the truth is, it takes work and an investment of time for everyone. Most things we want in life do… The reality is that we demonstrate what is important to us by what we make time for.

It takes time to mine the depths of your child’s heart.

It takes time to confess, repent, and forgive within marriage.

It takes time to listen to the answers to the questions you ask.

It takes time to put as much into a relationship as you want to receive.

It takes time to not just talk about feasting in the Word but to actually do it.

If I want to know my Savior more deeply, I must sow seeds of time in His Word.

The only time I have to spend is the time that is still to come.

I can’t reassign past moments or reprioritize yesterday’s minutes.

But I can choose what I will value today by how I spend my time.

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