I Can’t Be Silent…

Normally, I try to stay away from politics, but I can’t remain silent about what’s going on now. The following is from the Wall Street Journal…

The Trump administration spent this week distributing ventilators, standing up small-business loans, dispatching hospital ships, erecting alternate care facilities, explaining virus modeling, revamping regulations to keep truckers on the road, and plastering the airwaves with information about hygiene and social distancing.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent this week setting up a new House committee to investigate Donald Trump.

Mrs. Pelosi, seems to view the pandemic as one big political opportunity. She held up last week’s relief bill for days, attempting to cram into it unrelated election and climate provisions. She used a Sunday CNN appearance to accuse Mr. Trump of killing Americans. This week she announced a new special House committee that will “examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus” and will have subpoena power. This is yet the latest Democratic machinery for investigating Trump and ginning up scandals.

Like President Trump or not, our country is facing a significant issue that is affecting all Americans, Democrat or Republican. It seems to me that this is the time to put aside political differences and do what we all can do to minimize the impact of the virus and the economic shutdown.

To pull together a committee to investigate President Trump in the midst of this struggle is a mindless exercise to defeat him in November regardless of the consequences of her decision.

How anyone can be this politically motivated instead of serving the people who pay her salary is beyond my worldview.

She should be ashamed, but I know that’s not going to happen.

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Silent…”

  1. I too am fed up with how Nancy Pelosi and the democrats continuing agenda to discredit the president at any turn. The only way to stop this from happening is to make folks aware of what is going on. Unfortunately the mainstream media is going to continue to ignore the truth and focus on making the president look bad.

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