Good Friday

What is Good about today?

The most important Good is that Jesus died on the cross. But, it is more than his death on the cross. Many died on the cross including the two thieves with him.

What he did that no one else could do is when he died, he took our sins, past, present and future and paid the eternal price for them. By doing that he opened the way for us to have a personal relationship with God… and that’s pretty Good.

Yet, there is more Good in the way he died and what he said.

After hours of being scourged and humiliated and then being nailed to a cross… his first words were to ask God to forgive the Roman soldiers who did all of that. That is not only Good, but an amazing act of forgiveness.

His next words were to one of thieves who asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom. Jesus words, “Today, you will be with me in paradise” are the words every follower of Jesus longs to hear.

Toward the end, he said that he was giving up his spirit into the hands of his father.

Finally, his last words were “It is finished.” He had done the work for which he came to earth. He took our sins and opened the door to God.

Andrew Peterson has a wonderful song that captures these last words in his song, “Last Words” in the video below.

Have a blessed Friday for it is truly Good.

3 thoughts on “Good Friday”

  1. Our pastor just finished a series on the final words of Christ. Powerful stuff. And then the veil was torn and we had access to the Holy of Holys.

    Thanks for sharing…

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