Ocean Lights

NOTE: When I was recording the video below, it inadvertently captured part of my screen. Just a glitch, but you can still see the ‘ocean lights.’

When my Navy ship was at sea, particularly in the Pacific ocean, we would see light in the ocean at night. This light is called Bioluminescence and is produced by very small ocean creatures. Here is an ‘official’ description…

Most deep-sea animals produce some bioluminescent light, but the phenomenon isn’t relegated to the deep: one of the most common sightings occurs at the surface of the ocean. Many small planktonic surface dwellers—such as single-celled dinoflagellates—are bioluminescent. When conditions are right, dinoflagellates bloom in dense layers at the surface of the water, causing the ocean to take on a reddish-brown color in daylight and a  sparkly blue as they move in the waves at night.

We often would see these blue lights in our bow waves and in the wake we left in the water.

A photographer was recently off the coast of California and saw some dolphins swimming through these bioluminescent lights…

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