Small Things

Sometimes I miss the small things around me that bring me life and joy. Here are two examples…

First, our resident Hummingbird comes several times a day to the feeder. I caught him again and what I like about this pictures is, if you look close, you can see the tip of his tongue at the end of his beak.

Also, when I walk out of our garage, I keep missing this little beauty surviving in a crack of the concrete. The blossom is the size of a dime, but I appreciate its beauty and courage when I stop for a moment and see it up close.

3 thoughts on “Small Things”

  1. Excellent. I love his/her feet as well. I have photographed humming birds for years and never captured the tongue. We have a picture of a small flower covered in snow at Grand Canyon. Molly called it Acceptance with Joy. Your flower is surviving conditions that are not ideal but still survives!

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