Life and Death

This is not a morbid post, rather it’s a joyful, hopeful post.

As I write this on Thursday night, Betty and I just finished watching the movie, ‘I Still Believe.’ It’s the story of the Christian singer/song writer, Jeremy Camp.

He fell in love with a young girl, Melissa, who went to the same Bible college. She came down with cancer and went through chemo. The doctors were planning to do surgery and found the cancer was gone. God healed her.

After that Jeremy and Melissa were married. Then the cancer came back and she eventually died at a very young age.

That sounds like a sad story, but it really is a story of faith and ultimate joy. She trusted God to the last, even knowing she was dying. She believed her suffering and even her death would have a purpose and glorify God.

She exemplified the scripture above from Philippians: “To live is Christ, to die is gain.”

The first song Jeremy wrote after she died was ‘I Still Believe.’ Here’s the chorus to that song:

I still believe in Your faithfulness.
I still believe in Your truth.
I still believe in Your holy word.
even when I don’t see, I still believe.

Many people have said that song, especially the words of the chorus, have touched their lives and renewed their faith.

As Betty and I get older and acknowledge the reality of our own deaths some day, those words from Philippians and Jeremy Camps song have a greater meaning for us each and every day.

As followers of Jesus, we can’t lose. If we live, we live with him and he lives within us. If we die, we go to be with him. Not a bad deal.

And, don’t forget… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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