I need a Little humor for the Weekend

Our New Mexico governor announced some re-opening guidelines on Wednesday. Everyone will have to wear masks in public. Large stores (Sams, Costco, etc) can still operate at 20% of capacity. Small stores can open with 25% of capacity. Gyms and hair salons/barber shops still can’t open (maybe in June)

The really disappointing news was churches can open, but only up to 10% of capacity.

I could say more about my disappointment about all this, but I won’t.

Instead, I’ll resort to sharing some more humor on this whole situation…

Now we know the truth…

Has anyone checked?

I want mine in blue…

This one will make sense if you were a fan of the original Saturday Night Live back when it was funny…

One thought on “I need a Little humor for the Weekend”

  1. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine..I’m all for masks and some of the rules don’t make a lot of sense. I will admit that after we ventured into a small nursery/deli/gift shop near Georgetown that most employees were not wearing masks nor were most of the customers. I did not spend much time there. I’ve decided to quit trying to figure all of this out and just watch the number of hospitalizations and deaths as we open up.

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