I Don’t Understand

This is what people found Friday morning in Portland, Oregon: a 100-year old, defaced statue of George Washington.

According to reports Antifa took credit for this.

I don’t understand two things.

First, how can anyone find justification for this and all the looting and destruction that’s going on. They even defaced the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Second, how can anyone call themselves Antifa, meaning anti-fascist, and do these kind of things. To me they look more like the Brown shirts of Germany during Hitler’s reign. So, who are the real fascists?

I’m getting sick of this. It’s a culture war between good and evil and I will do all I can, as limited as that may be, to protect my wife, children and grandchildren from this evil.

UPDATE: In San Francisco, these cowards pulled down the statue of General U. S. Grant, who did more to free the slaves and did all he could to make reconstruction a positive experience. He was opposed by the Democrats of his time and it appears the progressives of today are still opposing him. I wonder if they even knew who he was and what he had done?

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand”

    1. I disagree. They can be explained by progressive education in our public schools that have indoctrinated these people instead of teaching them. They can be explained by cowardly leadership in the cities concerned… all led for years by progressives. They can be explained by a media that supports these actions because they believe it will lead to Trump not being re-elected. There are plenty of explanations. These are not random acts, but acts that are the result of many progressive ideas that are leading our country down a destructive path.


      1. It may not be that clear. That approach — in which people are willing to engage in some level of violence or property destruction to achieve a social or political goal — existed long before the Trump presidency. Public education may not be the problem.


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