The Temple

One of the over-arching themes in the Bible is God’s presence with his people and what that has looked like over the centuries.

Initially, before they sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden in the cool of the day.

God spoke through the centuries to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then through Joseph and especially Moses. His next offer to be with his people, Israel, was in the desert. He told them exactly what he wanted for his Tabernacle, his dwelling place with his people.

After Israel was settled into the promised land and was no longer wandering, God gave instructions for his next dwelling place that was built by Solomon. The Temple that was large and grand.

Unfortunately, men turned God’s house of prayer into a market place and Jesus admonished them with a whip and ran them out. This edifice, as magnificent as it was, was demolished in 70 AD. It didn’t last that long.

God’s long term plan for his Temple was even more amazing than the Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple. This new temple would be permanent and individual.

Jesus told his disciples that he would send a Comforter to always be with them and guide them… his Holy Spirit. When someone accepts Jesus as their Savior and Lord, his Holy Spirit comes to live within them. God’s presence is now available to each of us who choose to follow Jesus.

For those who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, he has made our bodies into his Temple. That is truly amazing.

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