It’s July 4th

Normally, my July 4th post would say “Happy 4th of July.” But, I have to admit this July 4th is somewhat sad and somber for me.

It’s sad as I watch the cancer in our country eat away at what made it great in the beginning.

There is an evil loose in the land and it goes by many different names, progressivism, Marxism, socialism, BLM, Antifa and on and on.

Before anyone wants to throw a stone, yes, I believe black lives matter because all lives matter to God. But some see a few black lives as a political end and they don’t care about other black lives (e.g., Chicago). That’s the evil I’m talking about.

It’s a somber July 4th for me because I don’t know what the future holds.

Betty and I are in the final stage of our lives so we have eternity with Jesus to look forward to and standing with people from ALL tongues, tribes and nations to worship God. I suspect a person’s skin color will not matter at all.

My somberness comes from my concern for our children and grandchildren. I don’t know what kind of country they will live in after we’re gone.

America is not perfect and never has been perfect. There have been major issues including far worse and more extreme racism than what people riot about today. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama during some of the worse racism you can imagine.

During the worst of those times, good people of all colors worked together to try to solve and resolve those issues because of two things.

First, most people, regardless of their color, loved their country and wanted it to be better, to live up to the ideals in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Martin Luther King was a good example of this.

This love of country and love of each other is what sent millions of young men and women to leave their safe places to defeat the greatest evil that faced our country at that time. America was an idea worth dying for.

Second, God was more prominent in our country and our collective belief in him opened us to his grace and power, regardless of our color and regardless of our failings. He had not yet been pushed out of our culture and out of our schools.

As kids, Betty and I said the Pledge of Allegiance and prayed the Lord’s Prayer every morning. Yes, there was an issue of how to deal with the beliefs of others. But, I believe that good people could have worked that out and made appropriate accommodations.

That didn’t happen. We threw the baby out with the bath water. Many children are taught that God is not an important part of their lives. Many children are taught that their rights are given by the government and not from God as the founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence. I even wonder if kids today are taught about what happened in Philadelphia in 1776 and what it meant to those men, what it cost them, and what it means to us today.

What our founders did that July of 1776 wasn’t a political or theoretical exercise. When they signed that Declaration, they knew they were signing a potential death warrant. And many did pay a very high price for their courage. Some were captured by the British and executed. Some fought in the war and died. Many had their homes seized and burned by the British. They truly pledged their lives and fortunes for the idea of an America that was like nothing else before or after their times.

To them, America was an idea worth dying for. For me and Betty that’s still true, at least for the America which God designed and the founders brought into being. The America we learned about when we were kids. The America we hope for our kids and grand kids.

So, if I can’t celebrate what is and what the future may hold, I will celebrate the wisdom and courage of those brave men and their brave wives and families that supported them. They birthed an idea that has never reached perfection, but offers the idea that it is possible and worth any price that needs to be paid.

The editorial cartoonist Michael Rameriz gets it right…

… and being an old Navy man, I love this picture of the Blue Angels…

Have a safe 4th.

4 Comments on “It’s July 4th

  1. Sadly I read the statistics that fewer and fewer Americans profess to be participating Christians. The correlation between that and the current atmosphere I don’t believe is a coincidence.

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