Colorado Visit

Our kids, grand kids and grand dog are here visiting for a week. The girl’s cousin, Kaley, also came with them. They arrived Saturday evening and will stay until next Saturday. Here are a few events from their visit so far

Grand dog Luna is a Sun Dog. She loves to lay in the sun during the hottest part of the day.

She also enjoys laying in the sand in our back and soaking in the cool sun of the morning.

Betty, Wade Daniel and the girls went over to our neighbor’s house, Susan, to swim in her pool. When Wade Daniel opened her pool umbrella, they found this little guy…

After watching the bat, they did have fun in Susan’s pool. Betty took the bat and pool pictures.

Time for Kaley to rest after a swim.

The ladies on a road trip. Actually, they were just going to Target to get a few things, but decided to do it in a fun way.

The 60s are back! The start of a tye dye project. The finished products will be available in a couple of days and I’ll bring an update then.

We have beautiful sunsets here in New Mexico, but Sunday night was something special. In our 16 years here we’ve never seen a sunset like this, and we’re all looking towards the North in the video. The sun is actually setting to our left. The lightning was an extra bonus.

One thought on “Colorado Visit”

  1. Amazing sunset much color. And the storm clouds are fabulous. Jeff and I would sit in the garage and watch the storms approach. Good time seems to be had by all.

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