Morning at the Cookseys

I’m the early morning person of the family, so I get up about 6:15 AM to let the dogs out (now you know who let the dogs out). They like to sit in the early morning sun.

Then we go for a walk around our area, usually about a mile or so. Then we go back to our back yard so they can play and run off some more energy. Be sure your sound is on. All the vocals you hear are Jessie’s.

All of this so they will be a little calmer when everyone gets up.

Later in the morning, Betty, Marie and the girls went next door so the girls could ride Barry and Minet’s horses. The black horse is named Elvis, but they call him ‘Elvie,’ or ‘El.’ The gray is named ‘Stormy.’ They are both great horses and the girls all had a great time. Barry and Minet are great neighbors and friends. Betty took the video and pictures.

After lunch, it clouded up, thundered and we had some much needed rain.

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