Today is my Birthday

Today, August 16, is my birthday and I’m 75 years old. I was born exactly one month after the first atom bomb test, July 16, at the Trinity Site in New Mexico. There’s no question that changed our world and brought a new fear into the world.

Yet, within a few days after I was born, the Japanese signed the surrender documents and World War II came to an end. At a great cost we had defeated some of the greatest evil ever in the world.

Over the next 20 years we stood against communist countries that wanted to control not only their countries, but any country where they could enforce their world view. We learned to live with risk and threat because, for the most part, we still believed in what America represents.

In the mid-60s seeds were planted that produced a slow rotting of the foundation that created our country. Many began to throw God out of their lives, schools, churches, and substitute government in his place. Respect for authority was eroded and opposing views were no longer part of a respectful dialogue to find the truth. Even truth was derided, defined and thrown out by many.

Today, on my birthday, we are once again faced with a serious threat to our country, perhaps the worst that I have seen in my lifetime because it comes from within.

Some want to tear America down to recreate it into some ideological vision that is represented in these images from the last few weeks. First, Portland…


More Minneapolis…


New York…



And, when a Minneapolis organization tried to take advantage of our country’s freedom of speech to present a different opinion…

Notice the symbols over the word ‘Police.’ Some want our country to turn toward communism and anarchy and see ALL police as their enemy, not worthy of life.

Jesus said in John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

This is a spiritual war as well as a cultural one. I think the pictures above portray very real evidence of ‘steal and kill and destroy.’

My hope and prayer is people will look beyond personalities and political party in the coming election as both candidates are not the greatest role models in their personalities.

The decision for me comes down to the country I want for our children and grandchildren. I will look past personalities and carefully examine what things those candidates support, what decisions they will make, and what direction they want for our country.

If the desired direction is toward socialism/communism, then this image raises an interesting question…

I still believe in America. I still believe in the vision of the founding fathers. I still believe in the Declaration of Independence. I still believe in our Constitution. I still believe in Martin Luther King’s dream of a country where people are judged by their character and not by their color.

I want a president who supports all of that, even if imperfectly. I want a president who trusts the people of America to make their own decisions based on what they believe is best for them and their families. I want a president who puts America first as he relates to the rest of the world. I want a president who is not afraid to make hard decisions that he believes is best for our country.

I will not vote for any candidate who supports what we see in the above images and wants to ‘transform’ America. I will not vote for any candidate who believes our rights come from government and not from God. I will not vote for any candidate who believes the federal government is the answer rather than part of the problem. I will not vote for any candidate who classifies people by their race rather than their character. I will not vote for any candidate who uses our brave police men and women as scapegoats for their political ends. I will not vote for any candidate who puts other countries’ thoughts and needs before those of America.

I want my children and grandchildren to live in a free country where they have the opportunity to speak their minds and to pursue what they believe is best for them. I don’t want a government, culture, educational system, etc., that tries to control their speech or their choices for their future.

However, when the election is done, God’s word tells me that government comes from God and I am to submit to it as long as it doesn’t ask me to do anything contrary to God’s word.

God’s word also tells me not to resist the government and to honor those in authority. (See Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2). Our country, our people and God’s word are too important for me to steal, kill and destroy just because I disagree with those in authority over me.

So, no matter who is president, I will pray for him and honor him as God’s instrument even if I disagree with him.

God is the ultimate authority in my life and over our country and I will do all I can to glorify him, regardless of who wins the election.

Happy birthday to me.

9 Comments on “Today is my Birthday

  1. This is a world that I am guessing God is not pleased with. These are times when we must often decide between two unpleasant choices.
    But I do believe God is in control and I believe he world is better because you are in it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  2. Dan – Happy, happy Birthday!! These are especially trying times – it feels like the world has been turned upside down. Anarchy is never the path to freedom.

    Love you and Betty. Have a wonderful day!!!


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  3. Dan, Wonderful blog today and happy birthday. I worry that there’s not enough thinking going on. Do you think that this might help?


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    • Who knows, but I believe it’s more important than ever to vote for policies and principles rather than personalities or parties. How about that, 4 Ps.


  4. LOL because at your age, all those consecutive Ps together are quite impressive!! Happy birthday,my dear friend. It is a strange time to be alive. May the light of Christ always shine through you, your words and your images! Love Molly!

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  5. Very happy birthday and great writing. I’m sending it to all my friends. I am so sick of being called a racist just because I love my country. Why do we have to pretend that white European and white American culture isn’t real? It is real, it created democracy and freedom for everyone and we should recognize that our system is superior. The only way for inferior communist types to bring in these terrible ideas from their cultures that will destroy our way of life is to do it through violence and looting and fire bombing our beautiful cities. Wake up people and defend America against this commie tyranny. Our culture is worth protecting and democracy is more fragile than people realize. It’s not my fault our culture is superior. Christianity built hospitals and universities and museums. What has Voodoo or Hinduism or moslem ever built here?

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