Colorado Celebration

Our good friends, Bob and Molly are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Molly’s sister and her family own a ranch 20 miles North of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The ranch is called The Notch because of a unique peak above the property.

As an anniversary gift, she gave Bob and Molly, free use of the ranch for a week. There are three cabins on the property. Bob and Molly are in one, their daughter’s family in another. And they invited us and Jessie to come and we’re in the third. It’s called the Skunk Cabin. Fortunately, it did not live up to it’s name while we’re here.

On our drive to Pagosa Springs we stopped at Abiqui Lake. Abiqui is where Georgia O’Keefe lived and did her Southwest paintings. The picture of Bob and Molly below has the Pedernal Mountain in the background and Ms. O’Keefe often included the Pedernal in her paintings.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon.

This is our cabin, the Skunk Cabin, with Jessie enjoying the freedom of chasing squirrels and following all the smells.

View from our cabin porch.

More pictures to come as our mountain Internet access permits. It’s a little slow.

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